I'm a Software Developer specializing in Ruby on Rails, React, and React-Native. I strive towards high quality craftsmanship in the code I write and continuously seek to improve how I approach problems with solutions.

I have 7 years worth of experience with a variety of Ruby and javascript frameworks. During that time, I've had the opportunity to solve problems in a wide variety of industries including elearning, language transalation, and B2B sales software tools.


Functional Programming in Elixir

Aug 26, 2016

One of the biggest hurdles for a Rubyist coming to Elixir/Phoenix is the functional programming paradigm. It takes awhile to get used to and is a large mind-shift in terms of how to think about programs.

Exploring Elixir

Aug 6, 2016

Over the last few weeks I’ve learning Elixir. I acquired Programming Elixir and Programming Phoenix from Pragmatic Programmers towards this end, and highly recommend them both. They have been excellent resources.

Handling Api Requests in Rails

Apr 2, 2016

Recently I’ve been working on a few applications that use rails for their backend API, which is consumed by javascript based frontends.

Remote Working Anniversary

Feb 11, 2016

It has officially been one year since my life changed in a big way. It’s been one year since I last “went to work.”

Beginner Zenmap (Nmap)

Dec 21, 2015

Nmap is an incredibly useful tool for scanning networks and mapping out topologies. Nmap works by sending specifically crafted frames to all the target IPs in the specified range, the responses to these packets reveal information about the network. Nmap is able to map out the local network in this way.

Working In React

Nov 16, 2015

I’ve recently had the privilege of working to both maintain a few existing React based applications as well as build a couple new ones.

Mac Address Spoofing

Nov 7, 2015

The first thing I wanted to figure out that how to spoof my mac address. While this was easy to do on OS X with the default adapter, it was actually a difficult ordeal with no resolution for my Alfa 802.11 USB adapter.

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